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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  May 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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orioles pull it off? look at how the home team faired against the braves. >> good evening, everyone, i'm deborah weiner. our big story. o's, yes, bring home another victory bringing their record to 22-12. that's orioles magic! >> we have seen an awful lot of it. the question i keep getting asked, how long will this last? the answer i give, at least one more night. orioles get another victory, 5-3 and doing it with different parts to the puzzle like bill hall, who was called up today. like playing 5:30 this morning took a plane, joined the team making his oriole debut. what does he do? hits a home run. in the bottom of the eighth inning to make it a little more comfortable lead 5-3. after the home run, enjoyed a pie in the face, true welcome to baltimore as orioles have won another series in the american league east. their fourth of the season in
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division, something that's entirely new to what we saw from a year ago. so they're continuing. much more highlights including great job from brian matusz on the mound. plus we will hear from the orioles newest hero. >> it's exciting and everyone's talking about it. pete, thank you. sheldon will be talking about it in a little bit. we will check in with sheldon at camden yars and talk a little later in the newscast. green is just in the air this weekend, especially flower shops and garden centers, where mother's day brings in the mother lode of business. it's pretty clear to the family mother's day is a holiday, a really big one. >> it's generally our busiest day of the year besides valentine's day and especially since with the weather, people planning outside getting their gardens ready. generally is the busiest day of the year. >> like any holiday, this one comes with traditions. jim and maggie have come to this house in greenhouse for years for mother's day.
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>> come every year. this is my mother's day treat to pick out my flowers from the garden. here we are. >> we know to bring cash because it's 10% off. >> ok. is it sitting in the clay pots -- >> they bring in a holiday-like workforce, extra help so the weekend runs smoothly. flowers for everybody, from mom and for my mom and her mom and mother-in-law. >> it seems like you can't go wrong with this gift. >> flowers in general are such a renewal of life, i guess, about them. when the ground is dormant in the winter time and you see plants coming out. just a renewal of life going on. it's just wonderful to see them all. >> but while mom may be a sucker for a thing of butte kwlike flowers, most moms would probably agree nothing says happy mother's day like this -- >> do you love your mommy? >> yeah. >> can you say you love mommy? >> i love mommy. >> i don't think she can be any cuter. >> yeah. >> it's just impossible.
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speak of mother's day, you have a nice -- what is that sigh? >> a storm is approaching. >> ok. >> don't get too upset. >> i'm fine. >> but very cautious here. >> ok. proceed with caution. >> we will. there's a storm approaching. we started seeing some of the clouds move in today and the rain is just west of us, frighteningly west and close by some of it getting in the mountains of west virginia right now. so you would think that the way the radar looks, oh, tomorrow is a ger. not really. it will take some time for the atmosphere to get moist enough for the rain to come down and by the time that happens, it might be evening. but we have to allow with this storm approaching for a slight chance for some of you to be included in a little rain chance tomorrow afternoon. all right. keep that in mind. if you will be out wact tiveties, check us here tomorrow morning on our newscast or check out and look at the
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radar and see how much progress is making or lack of progress. and more details how forecast turns out in a minute. >> john, thank you. baltimore city police officers are looking for clues in into two acts of early morning violence. the first happened before 12:45. authorities say a 25-year-old man showed up in an area hospital suffering gunshot wounds to the shoulder and leg. officers in the southern districts say the shots were fired in the 2800 block of wegworth lane. no word on suspects in this case twofment hours later officers were called to a drive-by shooting in the 3200 block of eastern northern parkway. that's where police found a woman suffering multiple gunshot wounds. the victim told detectives she was stopped at a red light if her vehicle when an unfamiliar car pulled up beside her and fired several shots. that car fled the scene. no word on the woman's identity but told she was taken to an area hospital and is expected to survive. if you have any information on either case, you're asked to call baltimore city police at
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410-396-2012. in tonight's commitment 2012 report, one week after announcing the end of his presidential run, newt gingrich steps back on to the campaign trail but he's not back in the race. the former speaker of the house says he will campaign for mitt romney. the two are expected to appear together at a g.o.p. convention in gingrich's home state of georgia. that will be this coming friday. and gaining support among young conservative voters this week in the battleground state of virginia. presumptive republican nom 234i sharp -- nominee sharpened his stance on gay marriage in his commencement speech at the world's largest evangelical university. but he was also solidifying president obama's historic message on the same issue. >> but we all know there's still plenty of serious injustices crying out for our attention. >> marriage is a relationship
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between one man and one woman. >> but it all wasn't easy for romney. some challenged him on his mormon faith. he responded by highlighting what he calls his common ground with evangelicals on culture and morality. still to come on 11 news -- protesters hurting their own cause. officials say the occupy movement is hurting taxpayers. we will tell you exactly how much occupiers have cost cities across the nation. and calling last-minute shoppers -- a peek at what moms really want this mother's day.
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on my journey across america, i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby. (laughter) hello bobby. do you know you could save hundreds on car insurance over the phone, online or at your local geico office? tell us bobby, what would you do with all those savings? hire a better ventriloquist. your lips are moving. (huge laughter erupts) hire a better ventriloquist. your lips are moving. geico®. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> big plays made by the o's are not just good for baseball, they're also good for business. local pubs and shops scoring big riding tails of the orioles and winning record. we're live at camden yards with the story. hey, sheldon. >> how is it going? we have been set up outside of pickles pub and you can hear a lot of excitement as the team
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clinch the win this afternoon -- evening i should say. but a lot over town a lot of orange and black and for local businesses, that means more green. >> here's the 3-2 delivery. and that is deep. >> orioles are perched at the top of the a.l. east and there's plenty of orange and black to be scene around young town baltimore. >> as an organization, i have to say they're doing better this year and you can see it just by the color of orange on game days. >> we may see a lot more orange. a spokesman for the team says there's been an uptick in advanced ticket sales, meaning downtown businesses like pratt street ale house may continue to see you crowds like this the rest of the season. >> with any restaurant obviously the busier you are the more money you make. this location is great. glad to be part of baltimore, right in the center of it. >> prime loiks across the street from the stadium, pickles pub usually sees the crowd on game day. so far this season employees say they're seeing even more fans than usual. >> it's been amazing. sales are up, pits are up,
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people are coming out to the ballpark. >> with more fans grabbing a cold one before the game, pickles had to increase its staff to meet higher demand. >> we have been bringing in people more so this year than noir year. >> baseball isn't the only sport local businesses are cashing in on. standing room only in federal hill and people even spilled out onto the sidewalk while watching the caps take on the range ners game seven. >> you have to love and respect it. you don't see that a lot of times. >> back at camden yard, fans and local businesses hope the team can keep it going through the middle of the season. >> unfortunately we have flattest fair weather fans. if we're doing well, or they're out. >> head to our website,, and click on your local. for now live at camden yards in downtown baltimore, sheldon, wbal-tv 11 news. >> sheldon, thank you. covering the nation, the mission
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is to make the economic structure more fair but new reports show occupy protesters are catching taxpayers millions of dollars in cities all across the country. officials in l.a. say they spent more than $5 million on police overtime and part cleanup where occupiers set up camp. new york city reportedly reached $17 million in oakland. officials say they shelled out $3.7 million. the owner of an exotic animal facility in ohio has avoided her money issues at least for now. mary anne thompson paid $14,000 in back tax frizz morning putting stipe to foreclosure proceedings on her 70-acre farm. you may recall thompson husband's released more than 50 exotic animals from that farm before taking his own life last october. last week his widow welcomed the five surviving animals back to her home. court records show thompson still owes more than $50,000 in federal and state taxes. just a stellar day today. how is tomorrow looking? >> we have this storm, kind of just off to the west. breathing down or necks, so to
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speak. and it's mother's day. what a conflict. details on that forecast just head. nice evening this evening though. 60's to around 70 temperaturewise.
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>> the baltimore tattoo arts convention is leaving its mark on the city. more than 500 tattoo artists turned out for the seventh annual event. thousands of tattoo enthusiasts got their ink in every size and shape. event organizers called today's festivities, well, an eye full. >> baltimore has a long, rich history of tattooing and being a port city. a lot of rich, tattoo culture here. the people love tattoos in baltimore and the surrounding area and they come out and have a good time. >> the convention runs until 8:00 tomorrow night. tickets are $20. so what is mom really want for mother's day this year. turns out she wants some body work too. if you still need a last-minute gift idea, relaxing spa day could be just the thing. according to a retail survey by harris, nearly half moms polled said they wanted a relaxing day
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of mannys and pedies and facial and massages. most dads and sons don't know that. 72% of them thought moms and wives wanted flowers most. >> this stage of the game i think we would settle for dry weather tomorrow, right? it would be nice. there's rain just to the west, pretty good showers. now in kentucky reaching all the way down to the gulf of mexico, showing up on our radar. we had high, thin clouds move ago cross the area but no rain yet and really with the high pressure just beginning to move offshower. it's going to be a while before the atmosphere can be wet enough to allow for some rain. so tomorrow's kind of a tenuous situation. i think the chances are there but not too great. so we might get away with it. 79 was the high today at the airport. inner harbor hit 82. we did well temperaturewise. another very nice day. pretty good now. 65 annapolis, ocean city 63.
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same at edgewood, 62 at elkton, 63 westminster. frederick's down to 55. satellite picture shows rain to the west. pretty good thunderstorms down in tennessee. cool front approaching. high pressure has to move out before any of this can come in. warm, humid air is beginning to move in now. we have the element down in the gulf. we also have school front coming in. it will take a few days for all of this to come through the area before we can dry out. rain chances begin to increase in the afternoon tomorrow and will be with us with the highest chances after we get past mother's day. our forecast tonight, no rin, scattered clouds, cool, 53 to 58, light southwest winds during the day tomorrow. a lot of clouds or maybe sun breaks. probably mostly in the morning. maybe a shower in the afternoon, higher chance in the evening and much higher chance overnight. rain chances will be increasing.
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even in the afternoon, higher rain chance not be near the bay as much as west of us. but chance is there. we have to allow for it. as i said tomorrow if you're going out and doing something, check out our radar in tomorrow morning's show or wbal-tv 11 news. and stay updated. small craft advisory in the bay tomorrow in the afternoon south of sandy point. everybody else south winds 10 to 15 knots or one to two-foot chop. open waters up closer to baltimore. insta- weather future cast. 3:00 in the afternoon sunday, baltimore to the west, computer model indicates rain shower activity. and it starts moving in overnight. highest chances will be monday into tuesday and tapering off wednesday and could be some considerable rains with us, even into monday. most of it sunday will be west of us and then maybe half inch or so on monday and then chance is increasing after that. forecast 77 tomorrow, 70 monday, 77 tuesday when rain chances monday and tuesday will be at the highest.
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right now preakness looks dry. >> our fingers are crossed for that for sure. we started the newscast talking about orioles. now we are shifting to la ross. >> talking ncaa tournament, loyola top seed playing host to canisius. it got dicey for a little while. we will check on the bid to move on next.
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>> orioles clinch their first-ever a.l. east series win. for a little perspective, took them until september last year to get their fourth divisional series win. it's getting fun. will it last? i don't know but we will enjoy it for know. i know buck show wamenter will. i'm not sure he knows players name on his roster. bottom two, steve tollson in town for a few days now. double left brings home adam jones. one of five tampa errors allows matt weerters to score two. another step forward, taking care of his former mate luke scott, 5 2/3 and only 2 earned runs allowed. bottom five, adam jones. pair of hits. this one brings home luis esposito. another bobble there. all night long. five errors for the rays.
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4-1, orioles. back in the bullpen is lockdown. pedro stroke, jose molina down. 1-2-3 with strop in the eighth. bottom eighth, bill hall called up today from norfolk. started left field. went yard in right barely. just enough to go 5s-3 final. jim johnson closed for his 11th save. bill hall, welcome to baltimore. >> once i got swinging, things turned around and starting squaring balls up and not missing good pitches to hit. that's what have you to do. >> bill, this happens a lot here. >> seemingly on a nightly basis now. ncaa lacrosse tourney. top-seed loyola against tueneeshes. charlie tumi, best in school history. scott ratliff, a.c.c. defensive
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player of the year. offense, too. going up 4-0, the hounds relaxed or something i don't know. canisius tough call there. that made it 4-3. that was at the half 4-3. would like to have heard the locker room talk at the break. second half, hounds run away. mike sawyer one of his five goals. loyola on to the quarterfinal 17-5. >> we have some local boys that are very excited to be going home. eric and justin ward and a few others. but to be able to play monday, come to practice and this team is focused, dedicated and we're grateful for the opportunity. >> former loyola star paul cantorbean has his mustang in the second round of the division iii tourningyifment tyler reeves to krista shields. not wbal's krista. she ahas no shield. justin lea goes up shelf 6-2.
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gettysburg makes a charge. robbie maddux, five-hole goal. mustangs not falling into devil's den. see whatdy there, dad. nick rossi to tyler reed. 13-6 winners tonight. nice crowd for the women's tourney. ten seconds left in the first half. ramon, fake dodge, fakes left, goes right, scores. 6-5 then at that point. second half all penn state. north hartford alum part of the big nittany lion rum. penn state with the win over towson 15-8. mad held off umass 15-12. terps get the winner of the loyola game sunday. navy did not find the upset in chapel hill, losing to north carolina 14-7. capitals tonight find themselves in another game seven. now their long-term history in the playoffs suggest heartbreak
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again but caps outplayed top-seeded rangers last three games. woon two of them. maybe -- won two of them. maybe this is the year. holtby in net for the capitals but never saw this shot. brad richards somehow the puck got through all of that. 1-0, rangers. third period new york to the lead. michael dell szottio shot from the slot. 38 seconds later caps making it a little interesting. hamrlik, knuckleball beats lundqvist. rangers win 2-1 and take the series 4-3. moments ago jimmie johnson won the southern 500 in darlington. 200th career win for hendrick motorsports.
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>> mother's day really looks pretty good but by afternoon, slight chance for rain really increases sunday night into monday and tuesday. could be significant rains there monday and tuesday. we will be in the 70's to near 80 all week long. dry at the end of the week than includes preakness day saturday. >> before we get happy mother's day! >> thank you. thanks, guys. >> most important day to celebrate of this nature. >> happy mother's day to my mom. thank you for joining us. see you back here at 5:00 a.m. for 11 news sunday morning. all new "snl" next with will ferrell. vigs president biden still in there? >> yes, 34r presidemr. presiden. >> joe, it's me, barack. >> you mean president jerk face? >> coming in, joe.


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